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February 23, 2019     
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The World's Largest Database for Arabian Horses!

DataSource Online is offered as a daily, monthly or annual subscription and priced affordably at $9.95, $24.95 and $94.95, respectively.

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DataSource Online has the following features:

  • Search more than 653,000 purebred US Arabians and 370,000 Arabians from foreign registries.
  • Search more than 364,000 Half and Anglo-Arabians.
  • Search over 548,000 US and foreign owners and breeders.
  • View and print pedigrees.
  • View and print progeny listings.
  • Official AHA show results.
  • View AJC summary race records.
  • View AERC endurance records.
  • Add and view photographs of your favorite Arabians.
  • New horses and owners added every week.
  • Search by 'Straight Egyptian', 'Egyptian Related', 'Sheykh Obeyd', and 'Al Khamsa, Inc'.

“DataSource Online is invaluable as a research tool. When the CD came along we were delighted, but DataSource Online is the best yet. We immediately signed up for the 1-year subscription. I especially like being able to track the horses we have sold and check out horses we are thinking of buying. This is an essential tool for any serious breeder or buyer.”

- Paula Stone Gilbert, Gilbriar Arabians

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