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February 23, 2019     
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Frequently Asked Question

What is the Pyramid Society?

Founded in 1969, The Pyramid Society is a fraternal member-based organization of people interested in Arabian horses of Egyptian bloodlines. Ownership of a horse is not a prerequisite of membership. The Society does not register horses and recognizes the Arabian Horse Association as the sole registry by which it is guided. Only horses that are or would be eligible for registration by the Arabian Horse Association based upon pedigree, are considered purebred Arabians by The Society.

The purposes of The Pyramid Society are to preserve and perpetuate Egyptian bloodlines as a nucleus of outcross blood and to encourage use of that outcross blood as a source of the classic refinement so necessary to the breed and for which the Egyptians are prepotently line-bred.

For more information on the Pyramid Society you can visit their website at

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