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April 20, 2014     
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Frequently Asked Question

Why do some Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian records only display name and registration number?

Prior to 1990, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian records were not fully computerized. While some of these records have been researched and rebuilt due to activity such as registration of offspring or transferring ownership, many others have not. You will find that the incomplete records display only the registered name and registration number. We have begun the process of rebuilding these records using archived documentation. However, there are 200,000 + records to be rebuilt, and this will take some time. We appreciate your patience in this endeavor. We know how important it is to have complete and accurate data available for the Half-Arabians and Anglo-Arabians and will do our best to offer complete information as quickly as possible.

If you find an incomplete horse record for which you have the Certificate of Registration, please feel free to fax or send us a copy and a request that the record be updated.

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