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January 18, 2019     
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Frequently Asked Question

What is Al Khamsa, Inc.?

Al Khamsa, Inc., founded in 1975, is a not-for-profit organization that is devoted to the preservation of the horse of Bedouin Arabia. Al Khamsa, Inc. draws admirers of such horses together through education and research. The horses of interest to Al Khamsa, Inc. meet two criteria: (1) those horses that Al Khamsa, Inc. reasonably assumes to descend entirely from Bedouin Arabian horses that were bred by the nomadic horse-breeding tribes of the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula and (2) have breeding descendants in North America.

Horses that meet the above criteria constitute The Al Khamsa, Inc. Roster. Al Khamsa, Inc. has traditionally called the Roster horses "Al Khamsa Arabians.” The term "Al Khamsa Arabian,” as used by Al Khamsa, Inc., is not synonymous with or interchangeable with any term or designation used by any other organization or entity.

The Roster includes breeding horses in North America and their ancestors. It begins with Foundation Horses (175 as of 2004) and lists all descendants from them with bloodlines still breeding in North America. Foundation Horses are the earliest horses that meet the criteria.

The Roster changes constantly. Such factors as exports, imports, geldings, deaths, eligible progeny and registration authorities affect The Al Khamsa, Inc. Roster.


The horses marked in DataSource as “Al Khamsa, Inc.” are not all of the horses in the Al Khamsa, Inc. Roster. Only Roster horses that are registered with the Arabian Horse Registry (AHR) and the Canadian Arabian Horse Registry (CAHR) are marked. The Roster also includes horses that are not registered with AHR or CAHR. In addition, many AHR and CAHR horses are marked that are not in the Roster. These horses are “Al Khamsa Arabians” by pedigree, but do not meet the criteria of the Roster simply because they have no living and breeding descent in North America.

The list of horses marked “Al Khamsa, Inc.” in DataSource has been provided to the Arabian Horse Association by Al Khamsa, Inc. The list will be updated quarterly by Al Khamsa, Inc.

For definitive information about Al Khamsa, Inc. and Al Khamsa Arabians, please see our website

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