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April 23, 2014     
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Frequently Asked Question

I need help reading the pedigree.

The Basics of Reading a Pedigree

A pedigree is essentially a horse's family tree or lineage. A four-cross pedigree, like the ones that you will see in DataSource, shows four generations of this lineage. Siblings or offspring are not included in a pedigree but can be viewed under progeny.

To read a pedigree, start with the first horse on the far left of the screen. This is the "subject horse". Included are his registered name, registration number, color and foal year. The next two horses to the right of the subject horse are his parents, the sire (or father), and the dam (or mother). Continuing to the right, the next set of horses are the grandparents followed by great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents. The pedigree of a purebred Arabian horse can be traced, or followed, for many more generations. You can select a new subject horse by clicking on any of the underlined horses in the pedigree. As the world's oldest known breed, many Arabian owners take great pride in their horse's long family history.

Here are a few important things to know when reading your horse's pedigree:

The sire's name is always listed above the dam's name in a pedigree.

Every purebred Arabian horse registered with the Arabian Horse Association is assigned a unique registration number. These numbers are always prefixed by the studbook abbreviation "AHR*".

The DataSource Product contains contains over 325,000 horses from foreign registries. The horses from these registries are also assigned a unique registration number that is prefixed with the appropriate studbook abbreviation. A complete list of studbook abbreviations is included as another FAQ.

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