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April 23, 2014     
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Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing Questions How much does it cost to have access to the Arabian DataSource?
Using DataSource I need help reading the pedigree.
  What are the studbook abbreviations?
  How can I print a "clean" pedigree?
  What are the track abbreviations for stakes races?
  What does the Breeder's Sweepstakes logo mean?
  What do the symbols mean following a horse’s name?
Half-Arabian & Anglo-Arabian Where is the pedigree information for non-Arabian parents?
  Why do some Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian records only display name and registration number?
  What do the letters stand for next to the non-Arabian parent's registration number in my horse's pedigree?
  What is the percentage of Arabian blood for my Half-Arabian?
Other Sources of Information What is the Pyramid Society?
  What does "Pyramid Society: Straight Egyptian", "Egyptian Bred", and "Egyptian Related" mean?
  What are Sheykh Obeyd Arabians?
  What is Al Khamsa, Inc.?
Logging On How do I log on?
  What if I'm having problems logging on?
  Why am I having search issues using the AOL browser?


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