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January 18, 2019     
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AERC Records Added

 2/1/2004 - DataSource is linked directly to AERC endurance records

The world’s largest database of purebred Arabian horses, DataSource Online, has linked its online records with those of the American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC), the official sanctioning body for equine endurance rides, to provide you with fast and easy access to registration and endurance event records for Arabians horses. AERC sanctions more than 700 rides each year throughout North America including the famous 100 mile Tevis Cup. Since Arabian horses dominate the endurance events by consistently accounting for at least 8 of the top 10 placements, it makes sense to create online links between registration information and endurance event accomplishments of a registered Arabian to provide you with a more complete horse record.

DataSource Online provides access to over 930,000 registration records featuring real-time information available about a horse’s pedigree, progeny and ownership history. The AERC link augments this information with an endurance ride performance history record summarizing the horse’s races by dates, rider name, points accumulated and event placement.

“The link to DataSource will be beneficial not only to our members, but to the entire Arabian community as the performance of the horses being ridden in endurance competition will be linked to their registration information. Moreover, it will place the sport of endurance competition before a much greater and more diversified group of horse lovers that would otherwise not be aware of the sport of endurance riding,” describes Michael Maul, AERC Director of Information Technology.

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